DenLine 10 Point Support Program for Group Dental Practices - Custom DenLine Web Site


Quincy, Illinois, USA

Custom DenLine Web Site

DenLine Web Site...Customized by DenLine for YOUR USE

Available to Groups of 20 or More Offices

Web Site Features…

  1. Dental Applications Served
  2. Video Demonstrating Protection DenLine Coats Provide
  3. OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Summary
  4. Tips to Maximize Employee Protection & Life of Coats
  5. Sizing Guide for Ordering Products
  6. Commercial Laundry Instructions
  7. Home & Laundromat Style Wash Instructions that Meet CDC/HICPAC Sanitizing Recommendations
  8. Your Group Practice Approved Styles, Sizes and Colors
  9. DenLine Contact Information

Prospective Customer Contacts:

Julie Anderson — Groups to 75 Offices

Dennis Adams — Groups of 76+ Offices

Existing Customer Contacts:

Julie Anderson — Dental Customer Service



OSAP Corporate Member, ADSO Industry Partner