DenLine 10 Point Support Program for Group Dental Practices - Needs Analysis


Quincy, Illinois, USA

Needs Analysis

A Needs Analysis is the first step to DenLine making considered recommendations.

DenLine uses our Needs Assessment Tool to learn about the demographics of your practices, the apparel you now use, how apparel is sourced, and who pays for it.

Your interest in standardizing apparel, as well as review of attributes in PPE apparel recommended for OSHA Compliance is included in our assessment.
The Needs Assessment involves the participation of clinical operations, safety, finance, purchasing and others you may wish to include.

The outcome of our assessment will be a written summary of DenLine’s understanding of your current apparel program, and what you want to improve.

Prospective Customer Contacts:

Julie Anderson — Groups to 75 Offices

Dennis Adams — Groups of 76+ Offices

Existing Customer Contacts:

Julie Anderson — Dental Customer Service



OSAP Corporate Member, ADSO Industry Partner